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Underage test purchasing operations across Preston and South Ribble

Tuesday, June 4, 2024

Preston’s Neighbourhood Policing team and Lancashire County Council Trading Standards have recently conducted a test purchasing operation. 

On Friday (31st May, 2024) eleven premises across Preston and South Ribble were tested based on information received from the public around underage sales of alcohol and vapes.

 One premises failed to ask for ID and sold a vape to our underage volunteer. The shop in question is now being investigated by Trading Standards. 

Inspector Dave Byrne from Preston Police said: “We were pleased to see that during this operation, most of the shops that we visited were complying with the law, but we can’t become complacent. 

“Selling alcohol and vapes to children is not only against the law but can also put them at serious risk so we will continue to listen to community concerns and work alongside Trading Standards to tackle this issue.”

 Angela Lomax, Trading Standards manager at Lancashire County Council said:  "It's pleasing to see that the vast majority of the test purchase attempts were unsuccessful. 

"This operation focused on intelligence about some of the most complained-about businesses in the county. 

"If anyone has any concerns about shops selling  any age-restricted products to young people, they can report them via Citizens Consumer Advice Service on 0808 223 1133 or via ."