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Police Pals grab their handcuffs in South Ribble!

Tuesday, February 13, 2024

Officers from South Ribble’s Neighbourhood Policing team have launched a new initiative to teach school children about policing.

Officers will positively engage with the local primary school children, from a selected school, through a fun and engaging programme called Police Pals, which will be delivered with the support of Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs) and the local neighbourhood policing team.

The scheme, which will run for 14 weeks, will have inputs focusing on different areas including road safety, bike and property marking and parking awareness.

The children will also have visits from officers from the rural team and neighbourhood policing team as well as inputs from the Police Cadets, local community group and local councillors.

Through funding provided by the Lancashire Police and Crime Commissioner, Andrew Snowden, and South Ribble Council, the children taking part have been provided with a special uniforms to wear proudly throughout the course.

PSCO James Slater, who runs the scheme, said: “This project gives our young people a sense of pride and belonging when they put on their Police Pals uniform, understanding that their positive actions are giving something back to their community.

They will make a really positive impact on the area that they live and go to school in.”

South Divisional Commander Chief Superintendent Stasia Osiowy said: “Police Pals is a really special project which demonstrates our continuing efforts in improving engagement and reinforces our commitment to protecting everyone in our community.

“It allows the children to play an active role in keeping their communities safe and be proud of what they can achieve.

“I am really looking forward to seeing how our Police Pals progress through the scheme and look forward to celebrating with them when they graduate.”

Andrew Snowden, Lancashire's Police and Crime Commissioner said: "We know that engaging young people in their community and getting them involved in projects like Police Pals, builds trust with local officers and strengthens their connection to where they live.

"It also helps children involved to keep themselves safe and reduces the chances of them either becoming victim to crime or getting involved in anti-social behaviour in the future.

"Ultimately, projects like this that I have funded through my Safer Lancashire Neighbourhoods Fund, strengthen the key relationships that are vital to solving local issues and make areas safer, delivering my Fighting Crime Plan."

Cllr Colin Sharples, Chair of the Leyland Community Hub, and Ward Member for Earnshaw Bridge at South Ribble Borough Council said: “I am pleased and really proud that we are able to support and help fund this initiative. Police Pals is a building block for future engagement that helps to deliver important links with our communities, generates trust and creates a positive perception moving forward.”

On competition of their course, the Police Pals will be presented with certificates from South Divisional Commander, Chief Superintendent Stasia Osiowy to celebrate their fantastic achievement.