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Children's charities and support agencies

Charities and Support Agencies Specialising in Child Protection

Below is a list of charities and organisations that support children and young people. Most of these provide their services for free, but where there is a cost then we've included it.

The list is categorised by the type of concern the organisation helps with. It isn't an exhaustive list and inclusion isn't a direct endorsement of the organisation or any services that they provide. If you know of an organisation or charity that you would like to see included then complete our contact form and we'll be in touch.

Our aim here is simply to signpost families, youngsters, and those working with children and young people to organisations that might be able to offer support.


National Children's Charities



National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children, provide assistance in case of child abuse. If a child has suffered abuse, past or present, they can contact the NSPCC, so they can put interventions in place to either prevent further abuse or to deal with abuse that happen to the individual way back in time.

Telephone: 0808 800 5000

Telephone ON LINE SAFETY: 0800 800 5002

Text Message: 88858

Social Media: Facebook: @nspcc / @nspccnorthwestandcumbria / Twitter: @NSPCC,



Children can talk to a ChildLine counsellor 24hrs a day about anything that is worrying them. The help is for all children up to their 19th birthday. The charity is there for children that are having issue with bullying, abuse safety and the law. About body issues and feelings, friends, relationships and sex. They can also help with matters at home and within families as well as school, college and in the work place.


Telephone: 0800 11 11

Online chat:

ChildLine have partnered up with the Internet Watch Foundation and can help children get sexual or naked images removed from the internet. More information is available at httpo://



Since 1985, Kidscape seeks to support children, and their parents, to help prevent bullying from the source. They aim to remove threats from in the inner circle of young children. They provide methods and techniques to increase the confidence of a child to keep safe.

Telephone: 02077 303 300

Email: [email protected]

Social Media: Facebook: @KidscapeCharity / Twitter: @Kidscape


Home-Start UK

Home-Start UK is a national organisation which has independent schemes dispersed across the country that offer support, friendship and practical help to families who have at least one child under 11 or 12 years (dependent on the scheme). Tailor made support packages are provided to families who may need help with household routines or general parenting skills, disability, domestic abuse, isolation, post-natal illness or dealing with several children under 5 years.

The information provided is for Home-Start schemes based in Central Lancashire and Blackpool, Fylde and Wyre, however schemes are also operating in Morecambe and Lancaster, Pendle and Ribble Valley, and Rossendale, Burnley and Hyndburn (information for these schemes can be found online).

Website: or

Telephone: 01257 241 636 (Central Lancashire team)

Email: Email either team by completing a contact form online.

Social Media: Facebook @Homestartcentrallancs / Facebook @homestartuk  /  Twitter @homestartuk


Child Action North West (CANW)

CANW predominately operates in Lancashire, Greater Manchester and Cumbria, and offers a broad range of support services to children and young people, families, vulnerable adults and communities. Services include early intervention and family support programmes, family group conferences, therapeutic counselling, youth justice services, community engagement, advocacy services, foster care, young carers, social inclusion, and emotional health and wellbeing services. CANW also offer pro-contact services to facilitate safe and positive contact arrangements for children with separated parents.


Telephone: 01254 244 700

Email: [email protected]

Social Media: Facebook @ChildActionNW / Twitter @TeamCANW 

Any associated costs a child may incur: Some services are free, however there is a charge for other services.



Bereavement / Palliative Care


Winston’s Wish

Winston’s Wish is a charity helping children with bereavement. Areas include death that other charities and services typically do not deal with; Murder, manslaughter, suicide, military and also hard to reach families. The advice to adults is focused on how to help the children throughout their sad time. With there being high amounts of children and young people losing parents and friends, it can further mental issues further on in their life. They offer support in both groups and alone, also in residential settings.

Telephone: 01242 515 157

Email: [email protected]

Social Media: Facebook: @winstonswishcharity / Twitter: @winstonswish

The Facebook page has a messenger box pop up for instant conversations.


New Life

This charity supports children with life changing illnesses. They aim to provide funding towards treatment for children with these illnesses and problems. They provide aid for the children’s life and allows both child and parent to get the best from life. The number of children that are disabled or terminally ill is reaching a total of one million, so this charity is able to help provide much needed equipment and care that cannot always be funded through the NHS.


Telephone: 01543 462 777

Email: emails are sent through the website contact page

Social Media: Facebook: @newlifethecharity / Twitter: @newlifecharity


The Linden Centre – Cascade

Based on the site of Trinity Palliative Care Services in Blackpool, the Linden Centre provides a support and counselling service for children and adolescents who are facing bereavement or struggling to cope with the serious illness of someone in their life.

Website: Linden Centre at Trinity Hospice

Telephone: 01253 595 552

Email: [email protected]

Social Media: Facebook @TrinityHospiceAndBrianHouseChildrensHospice / Twitter @trinity_hospie (Twitter)



Mental Health



YoungMinds help children with mental health issues. This charity provides early interventions to help to look after children and young adults dealing with MH issues. With mental health becoming less stigmatised and increasing in prevalence in society, these charities help young children realise what they are going through and show them they are not alone and can be helped, even saved.

Telephone: (Parents helpline) 0808 802 5544

Social Media: Facebook: @youngmindsuk  / Twitter: @YoungMindsUK


Achieve Change and Engagement (ACE)

A.C.E delivers solutions focused interventions to suit the needs of individuals or groups. Staff use discussion, games, art and craft drama not role play, to increase resilience and improve emotional and mental health. Service is available in Lancaster /Morecambe / Lancaster / Fleetwood. Working with young people aged 11 to 25 that need support with emotional health and wellbeing that do not reach CAMHS, are awaiting specialist MH intervention and need support or have completed a specialist intervention but need short term additional support,


Telephone: 07468 600 903

Email: [email protected]

Social Media: Facebook: Achieve, Change, Engagement-ACE / Twitter: @Lancaster_ACE





Brook Sexual health and wellbeing for under 25s

Brook charity has been helping towards sexual health for young people for the last 50 years. This charity guides people towards the life choices that are right for them and make young people aware of the issues their choices can make. They encourage healthy lifestyles for the young people they help. As well as providing help with contraception and pregnancy, they are involved with abuse and violence within relationships.


Telephone: NHS 111 for urgent calls

Email: [email protected] – Advice will not be provided over email

Social Media: Facebook: @BrookCharityYP / Twitter: @BrookCharity



Beat is an eating disorder charity aiming to de-stigmatise eating disorders and help those that either have them or dealing with somebody with one. Beat aim to have people treated quickly so that they can have a better life past the disorder. They provide information in layman’s terms, allowing anyone to be able to get help, which can be found both on the site and locally at different centres they run to help those suffering.

Address: Beat, Unit 1 Chalk Hill House, 19 Rosary Road, Norwich, Norfolk NR1 1SZ

Telephone: 0808 801 0711 (Young People), 0808 801 0677 (Adults) 0808 801 0811 (Students)

Email: [email protected] (adults), [email protected]

Social Media: Facebook: @beat.eating.disorders  / Twitter: @beatED


Rainbow Trust

Rainbow trust is a charity that provides support to those with life changing illnesses helping them get all of the treatments, funding and help needed to get through life. They help young people from 0-18 years. Rainbow trust support those whose family can cope independently and not currently in crisis, but still require some areas of support. They mainly deal with palliative care to those children who do not have long left in life and to ensure that everything is comfortable and the way the family and child would like it to be before they die. They deal with all areas from diagnosis to death. This charity help the siblings too, providing trips and surprises to make things slightly easier for them.


Telephone: National 01372 363 438, Lancaster – 01372 220 095

Email: [email protected]

Social Media: Facebook: @RainbowTrust / Twitter: @RainbowTrustCC


Unique Kidz and Co.

Unique Kidz and Co aims to improve the social and play opportunities of disabled children and young people, and their siblings through specialist childcare services. The services offered include after school and holiday clubs for disabled children aged 5 to 19, a daytime support service for disabled children to meet friends and have new experiences, Stay and play sessions for disabled children and their siblings aged 0 to 5, and a Siblings group where young people who have disabled siblings can talk to peers and staff who relate to their experiences.


Telephone: 01524 831 132

Email: [email protected]

Social Media: Facebook @UniqueKidzandCoCharity / Twitter @UniqueKidzandCo / Instagram @uniquekidzandco






FRANK is well known for helping those with drug issues. The website provides information describing the class system of drugs and the punishments. They warn of the consequences of drugs. For parents and children, the website provides a useful list of all types of drugs and the alternative names that have been given to them. The website has a designated area that you can go to in order to find out how they can be helped.


Telephone: 0300 123 6600 (24hrs a day, 365 days a year)

SMS: 82111 for questions

Email: [email protected]



Victims of Crime


Lancashire Victim Services

Lancashire Victim Services has been established by the Police and Crime Commissioner for Lancashire to provide support to victims and witnesses of crime across the whole of the county. Anyone affected by crime can get support regardless of whether they have reported the crime to the police.

The service provides emotional support, information and practical help following any type of crime.

Specialist support is available for:

  • Victims of domestic abuse
  • Victims of sexual violence
  • Hate crime victims
  • Young Victims of Crime – Please see Nest Lancashire for under 18s

All services are free and confidential.

Telephone: 0300 323 0085 – the team covers the whole of Lancashire from 4 local hubs


Email: [email protected]

Social Media: Facebook @lancsvs  / Twitter @lancsvs / Instagram @lancsvs


Nest Lancashire

Nest Lancashire is part of Lancashire Victim Services and has been set up by the PCC to support young people aged 5 to 18 who have been affected by crime or subjected to bullying, threats or harassment. Young people can talk to Nest in confidence and all services are free of charge.

Nest can offer one-to-one support, group sessions with other young people, help to build confidence, help to ensure young people feel safe and secure again, support in reporting the crime if the young person would like to do so, information about rights as a victim of crime and support young people throughout the process if a case goes to court.

All services are free and confidential.

Telephone: 0300 111 0323 – the team covers the whole of Lancashire from 4 local hubs


Email: [email protected]

Social Media: Facebook @nestlancashire  / Twitter @nestlancs / Instagram @nestlancashire 


The Birchall Trust

Counselling service for survivors of rape and sexual abuse, male and female, adults and children aged 3+ in the North Lancashire and South Cumbria area. Offers free information and guidance, and one-to-one weekly counselling sessions, including therapeutic interventions, and art and play therapy for children and young people.


Telephone: 01229 820828

Email: [email protected]

Social Media: @BirchallTrust (Twitter)


Marsh Community Centre

A youth and community centre dedicated to delivering projects which help children and young people overcome issues such as crime and anti-social behaviour, substance abuse, self-destructive behaviour, low self-esteem and confidence, mental health and family issues, and education or employment.


Telephone: 01524 843 300

Email: [email protected]

Social Media: Facebook @MarshCommunityCentreCharitableCompany

Any associated costs a child may incur: Largely free of cost, however activity price varies.



Children and Domestic Violence


Empowerment – Children’s Independent Domestic Violence Advisor (IDVA)

Empowerment provides specialised support to children and young people in the Blackpool, Fylde and Wyre area who have been affected by domestic abuse through the appointment of IDVA’s. This service offers a chance for individuals to talk about their experiences in a safe environment with one-to-one support, an opportunity to meet and support other individuals who have had similar experiences, and to take part in educational sessions around safety planning, confidence and self-esteem building, safe and unsafe relationships and domestic abuse.

For the benefit of younger children under 5 years, the service also facilitates the rebuilding of the relationship between the non-abusing parent and child through supporting the parent in re-learning how to interact with their children and to establish themselves as a positive parental role model. 


Telephone: 0300 323 2100

Email: [email protected]

Social Media: Facebook @empowermentcharity / Twitter @Empowerment_


Aspired Futures

Aspired Futures is a charity which offers long-term, therapeutic services to vulnerable children and young people who may have been directly or indirectly affected by domestic abuse, poor parenting skills, learning difficulties, poor mental health or addiction. The charity aims to support each individual in overcoming their personal challenges and empowering them to establish skills which positively impact their lives.

Aspired Futures provide children and young people with access to a wide range of activities and experiences that otherwise they would have little or no access to, and they also provide safe journeys via Transport Facilitators to remove any barriers to attend sessions. The service also provides one-to-one support, themed group sessions, learning support and behaviour management through game-play in order to improve communication, and build resilience and coping mechanisms. Blackpool area.


Telephone: 01253 769 755

Email: [email protected]

Social Media: Facebook @AspiredFutures


HARV Domestic Violence Team

HARV provide specialised support services to children, young people and women who have been affected by domestic abuse, exploitation and violence. Support services for children include youth schemes, residential weekends, play schemes, positive activities programmes and one to one support. HARV also offer an early intervention domestic violence prevention programme for young men, a safeguarding service which provides children with the opportunity to talk about their experiences, and education services where children can be offered 6 weeks support in school time to enable their learning.


Telephone: 01254 879 855

Email: [email protected]

Social Network Names: Twitter @HARVLancashire



Support and Wellbeing


More Music in Morecambe

More Music is a community music company based in Morecambe which provides a series of year round projects and classes that aim to build confidence and spirit in individuals of all ages and backgrounds. Key target groups for creative arts activities include children and young people aged 0-18 who live in challenging circumstances, young offenders and those at risk of offending, families, those with special needs and young people who are talented.


Telephone: 01524 831 997

Email: [email protected]

Social Media: Facebook @More.Music1 / Twitter @MoreMusic1

Any associated costs a child may incur: Many classes are free, but some have a small charge. Some classes have a price structure of £5 for a weekly drop in, or £45 for a full term.



Bodies-in-Motion is a local company based in the Pendle district of East Lancashire, formed to address the issue that there was little to do for young people in the area. Bodies aims to promote community engagement in healthy recreation, and does so through running different projects which ultimately help to build confidence and self-esteem. Membership includes people from 5-75+ years, and to date projects have been based around fitness, education and employment, positive citizenship and health and well-being, including gardening and study clubs.


Telephone: 01282 605 050

Email: [email protected]

Social Media: Facebook @bodiesinmotionpendle

Any associated costs a child may incur: Cost is dependent on project.


Key Unlocking Futures – Emotional Health and Wellbeing Service

The Emotional Health and Wellbeing Service provided by Key offers up to 12 weeks of preventative and early intervention support to children aged 4-18 years with emotional health and wellbeing needs. The service covers a variety of needs which include bullying, anxiety, anger management, ADHD and autism, self-harm, internet safety and child sexual exploitation, problems at school, resilience and confidence building. In addition to this service, Key also delivers a number of other services in the Lancashire area, including counselling, family mediation, housing support, employability skills, pre-tenancy training and critical tenancy support. Available in Preston, Chorley, South Ribble, West Lancashire, Fylde and Wyre.


Telephone: 01772 678 979

Social Media: Facebook @KeyUnlockingFutures / Twitter @KeyYouthCharity

The preferred method of contact with the agency:

For referral to the Emotional Health and Wellbeing Service, complete the referral form which can be found via the website and email to [email protected]. To discuss other options or services, contact Key by telephone or by completing a contact form online on their website.


YMCA Lancaster

The Y: BMS project focuses on improving the emotional health of young people through one-to-one sessions, group fitness activities, coaching, personal development, nutrition workshops and cooking sessions. This project delivers education about positive food choices and the importance of exercise in a fun environment, in order to promote a healthy relationship between emotional health and physical activity. The YMCA also delivers a young people support service (Y: Youth), providing open access emotional health and wellbeing early support services across Fylde, Wyre and Lancaster. This service offers preventative and early intervention support to children and young people who have emotional health and wellbeing needs, with the aim of increasing resilience to peer pressure and in turn, deterring anti-social behaviour later in life.


Telephone: 01524 327 37 (YMCA Lancaster number)

Email: [email protected] (Fylde Coast Head Office)

Any associated costs a child may incur: Dependent on the activity, contact the organisation for more information.


Lancashire Wildlife Trust

Lancashire Wildlife Trust is a leading conservation charity, dedicated to wildlife, which offers a number of services to children, young people and families across Lancashire. Services are focussed on promoting engagement with wildlife and the outdoors and include Nature Tots, a play programme for pre-schoolers based around interactive activities, Pram Walks around nature reserves, Eco-therapy projects like Myplace to improve health and wellbeing, and Wild Family events. The Trust also offers outreach education activities to schools, and community projects such as project trails which target young people at risk.


Telephone: 01772 324 129

Email: [email protected]

Social Media: Facebook @lancashirewildlifetrust / Twitter @Lancswildlife / Instagram @lancashirewildlifetrust

Any associated costs a child may incur: Price varies depending on the activity, some activities are free whereas other are a small charge. Nature Tots is £4.50 per session.



Groundwork CLM delivers a variety of targeted outreach, engagement and development projects and services to young people to ensure that they have access to any type of support that they may need. Recent initiatives across Lancashire include community hubs and projects which offer the opportunity for locals to learn new skills, engage with the community and improve their health, the Invest in Youth Project which aims to tackle poverty and social exclusion in young people between 15 and 24, and sporting and fun activities for young people in Blackpool through Positive Together.


Telephone: 01942 821 444

Email: [email protected]

Social Network Names: Facebook @groundworkclm / Twitter @groundworkclm

Any associated costs a child may incur: Dependent on service or project, but largely free


Lancashire Volunteer Partnership

LVP supports over 4,000 public service volunteers from police special constables, fire cadets to library support and digital champions.   If you want to volunteer for public services in Lancashire LVP is the one stop shop with hundreds of different opportunities to volunteer.  Public service partners can also refer vulnerable people to LVP for services such as befriending and community support, if this is the case speak to an Early Action staff member or contact LVP for more detail.


Telephone: 01772 416417

Email: fill out a contact form on the LVP website

Social Media:  Facebook: @lancsvp / Twitter: @LancashireVP


Our Lancashire

Our Lancashire is the one stop shop for local groups in Lancashire.  If you want to try out a new activity or engage with people with similar interests or who live nearby why not see what’s available in your neighbourhood.  Want to start a new group and looking for support and an opportunity to raise funds? look at our support pages.


Email: fill out a contact form on the Our Lancashire website

Social Media:  Facebook: @ourlancashire / Twitter: @ourlancashire



Victims of Sexual Exploitation


The Children’s Society – Lancashire Services

The Children’s Society is a charitable organisation with a specific focus of supporting children and young people. In Lancashire, The Children’s Society delivers this focus through services which ensure that the rights of children and young people are protected and their needs are heard (Children’s Rights and Advocacy Service), which support those who go missing from home or care and have been affected by child sexual exploitation (Streetsafe), and which provide targeted youth, family and health support to asylum seeking refugee children and their families (Safer families). Covers Lancashire County Council area only.


Telephone: 01772 759 233

Email: [email protected] (general enquiries)

Social Media: Facebook @childrenssociety / Twitter @childrensociety / Instagram @thechildrenssociety


The Magdalene Project

The Magdalene Project provides specialist counselling services for adult and child survivors of sexual trauma/abuse and their carer’s.

The charity delivers its services from within a Christian ethos, and aims to bring relief to those affected by sexual abuse, as well as to promote self-acceptance, a sense of wellbeing and fulfilment and community engagement. Counselling services for children include play therapy, and can focus on children’s issues outside of sexual abuse such as bullying, neglect, domestic abuse, family problems.


Telephone: 01706 870 939 (Main Office), 07914 263 176 (Mobile) or 07854 752 902 (Mobile)

Email: Email The Magdalene Project by completing the contact form online.


Positive Action in the Community (PAC)

PAC is a local charity which delivers projects across the Pendle, Burnley and Rossendale areas, which are focussed on supporting children and adults to build emotional resilience and improve their education, health and independence. Specific services for children include The Lookout, a support service for 4 to 18 year old’s in Pendle who have been affected by domestic abuse, the Wellbeing Challenge, a 10 week programme implemented in local schools to help students build resilience against mental health conditions and Evolve, a counselling and life skills service for young people focussed on the empowerment of individuals.


Telephone: 01282 817 214 (Pendle) or 01706 212 894 (Rossendale) or 01282 619 192 (general enquiries)

Email: [email protected]

Social Media: Facebook @safespacependle / Twitter @pac_action