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We are working with you to take drugs off our streets. Drugs and drug related crime have a huge negative impact on our communities. We take a tough stance on the illegal use of drugs and regularly carry out drugs warrants and special operations aimed at disrupting supply and arresting offenders.

Illegal drugs are divided into three different classes – Class A, B and C, with Class A drugs like cocaine and heroin deemed to be the most dangerous.

Under the Misuse of Drugs Act, it is an offence to:

  • possess a controlled substance unlawfully
  • possess a controlled substance with intent to supply it
  • supply or offer to supply a controlled drug (even if it is given for free)
  • allow a house, flat or office to be used by people taking drugs

Possession of drugs can result in anything from a fine to up to seven years in prison, whilst anyone dealing drugs risks anything up to life imprisonment. Drug trafficking also attracts serious punishment, including life imprisonment for Class A offences.

If you are a young person and are worried about drugs, you can download Lancashire's Youth App, WHAY where you will find lots of helpful advice for young people, offering free resources on a range of matters including mental health, drugs, knife crime and sex & relationships.

Cannabis farms

Your vigilance can help us shut down cannabis farms. Do you know what to look for if a house in your area is being used to produce illegal drugs?

Every day, police across the UK discover about 21 cannabis farms or factories. Nationwide, the threat from the domestic commercial cultivation of cannabis is increasing - in recent years there has been an increase in robberies, burglaries and violence linked to cannabis farms.

In particular, there has been an increase in small-scale grow sites; domestic or residential premises are the favoured location. If you suspect a property is being used in the production of cannabis, look out for signs of:

  • A strong, pungent smell coming from the property
  • Electrical wiring that has been tampered with
  • Beware of booby traps. Electrical wiring may have been rigged up to door handles etc.
  • Powerful lights left on in the house throughout the night
  • Windows blacked out
  • A sudden jump or increase in the cost of electricity bills
  • Scuffed paint or wallpaper
  • Large quantities of bin bags, full of vegetable material thrown away
  • Rewiring efforts or by-passed circuitry

If you notice some or all of the above, or are worried about drugs in your area please call us on 101 and pass the information to us. If you wish to remain anonymous, you can call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

Drug Driving

Driving whilst under the influence of drugs can seriously affect your ability to control your vehicle and your ability to respond to what is happening around you and the consequences can be devastating.

Find out more about how we are tackling drug driving, the law and how we are policing the roads in Lancashire.