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How do I report lost property to the police?

If you have lost some property it may be that Lancashire Constabulary is not best placed to help re-unite you with your possession/s.

For instance, if you lost your property in any of the following locations you should contact the manager of the premises who should operate their own lost and found property:

  •     Licence premises (pubs, nightclubs)
  •     Private premises (house, hotel, hostel)
  •     Taxis
  •     Public transport (trains, buses, trams)
  •     Business premises (shops, supermarkets)
  •     Educational premises (schools, universities, colleges)

Lancashire Constabulary does not take reports for items lost in these locations. If you lost your property when you were outside of Lancashire you should contact the appropriate police force to report the matter.

We also do not take reports for the following items of property:

  • Driving licences - should be reported to the DVLA
  • Passports - should be reported to the Passport Agency
  • Bank Card - should be reported to the issuing bank/organisation
  • Identity Card - should be reported to the issuing organisation
  • Mobile Telephones - should be reported to your mobile network
  • Blue Disabled Badges - should be reported to your local council
  • Low Value Items - such as keys, clothing, old bicycles, spectacles and similar.

If you have lost something when you have been out and about, first try to re-trace your steps and contact any premises you have visited to see if the item has been found there.

If this proves unsuccessful then complete this online form or contact us by telephone on 101