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I can hear my neighbours arguing and am concerned it is getting out of hand.

Many couples or families will have crossed words from time to time but domestic abuse is entirely different and something that Lancashire Police is committed to tackling.

What is domestic abuse?

It is threatening behaviour, violence or abuse which takes place between adults who are family members or partners (including ex-partners).

Domestic abuse can be one of the following, if someone you know is experiencing any of these types of abuse you need to get help:

  • Physical abuse: Pushing, hitting, punching, kicking, choking and using weapons.
  • Sexual abuse: Forcing or pressuring someone to have sex (rape), unwanted sexual activity, touching, groping someone or making them watch pornography.
  • Financial abuse: Taking money, controlling finances, not letting someone work.
  • Emotional/psychological abuse: Making someone feel bad or scared, stalking, blackmailing, constantly checking up on someone, playing mind games.

What should you do?

Help is always available, you can contact the police on 101 to report any incident that you suspect might be Domestic Abuse. If you believe that someone is at risk of immediate harm you should contact us on 999. 

Someone I know is suffering Domestic Abuse, what should I do?

If you know someone who you believe is the victim of Domestic Abuse but the incident is not happening now you should encourage them to report it, they do not have to contact the police directly but can contact a number of agencies who can help them;