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Why have I not been offered the opportunity to attend a Driver Retraining Course?

To be offered a driver retraining course by Lancashire Constabulary you must satisfy the following conditions:

  • You must not have completed a similar course for a previous offence which occurred within three years of this offence.
  • You must book your course within 28 days following receiving of an offer from Lancashire Constabulary.
  • For safety camera offences you must have admitted to being the driver within three months of the offence.
  • For all motorists, you must attend and successfully complete the course within four months of the date of your offence.

For the speed awareness course, the speed of the offence must fall within the criteria stated below:

30 mph Up to and including 42 mph
40 mph Up to and including 53 mph
50 mph Up to and including 64 mph
60 mph Up to and including 75 mph
70 mph Up to and including 86 mph

The course is offered for speeding offences detected by safety cameras and Police Officers at the roadside; in Lancashire course eligibility thresholds are set at 10% +3 mph up to and including 10% +9 mph over the limit and apply to all road environments and all classes of vehicles.

Thresholds for Lancashire National What's Driving Us Course offers in relation to Red Light offences are noted below:

Offences up to 2.9 seconds into red light are eligible for Diversionary Course or Fixed Penalty

Offences 3.0 seconds and above are reported for prosecution

If you are eligible for a course the required paperwork will be enclosed and this explains what you need to do to apply.