Statement of Accounts

Lancashire Constabulary Audit of Accounts for year ending 31 March 2019

The audit of the accounts for the year ending 31 March 2019 for the separate entities of the Chief Constable for Lancashire Constabulary and the Police and Crime Commissioner for Lancashire has been concluded.  An unqualified opinion on the accounts was issued by the auditor on 29 July 2019.  On the same day the auditor also issued an unqualified opinion on both the Commissioner’s and the Chief Constable’s arrangements for securing value for money as required by the Audit Commission’s Code of Practice.  The auditor has not identified any issues of public interest to report under section 8 of the Audit Commission Act 1998.

Your rights to inspect the accounts

If you are an elector in the county, you may inspect and make copies of the accounts. You can view and download copies by following the links below:

The accounts and documents are available for inspection at the offices at which they are normally kept or otherwise by arrangement.

You can apply to view these by:

Telephone: The Chief Finance Officer at Lancashire Constabulary on 01772 614444

Email: [email protected]

To view the Auditors 2018/19 report please click here.

Previous Years' Accounts

The Chief Constable's Accounts are available below:

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