Our Purpose, Objective and Values

The Purpose and Objectives of Lancashire Police

Our Purpose


"To keep people safe and feeling safe and when needed, we can be trusted to Consistently deliver a Competent and Compassionate service 24/7."

Our Objective


"To be Outstanding."

Our Core Services

Contact and Response - Contact us and we will respond quickly and appropriately.
Local Policing - You will know your local team and we will know your area
Serious Crime and Investigation - We will investigate serious and organised crime, terrorism and child sexual exploitation.

Our Values

We will conduct ourselves in line with the 'Code of Ethics'
Fairness - Honesty - Integrity - Accountability - Leadership - Objectivity - Openness - Respect - Selflessness


Our demand in a Day



On a typical day in Lancashire Police:

Just 19% of calls for our service are crime related - 81% is everything else - 33% of which relates to concerns for safety and of that 33%, 20% relates to mental health.


  • receive 608 emergency 999 calls and 2214 non-emergency calls
  • make 66 arrests - 5 of which are for sexual offences
  • attend 55 domestic abuse incidents
  • carry out 9 stop and searches - 3 of these are drug related
  • have 289 crimes reported
  • respond to 19 missing person reports
  • deal with 25 burglaries of which 13 are in homes
  • deal with 210 anti-social behaviour incidents
  • deal with 109 thefts
  • deal with 99 violent crimes
  • respond to 18 incidents involving people with mental health issues
  • attend 11 road traffic collisions
  • submit 34 vulnerable adult and 37 vulnerable child referrals 4 of which are CSE related

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