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Charter for Families Bereaved through public Tragedy

We are committed to ensure families bereaved through public tragedy are treated with compassion, sensitivity and respect and are open to public scrutiny.

We have signed the ‘Charter for families bereaved through public tragedy’ which arose from Bishop James Jones’ report into the experience of families after the Hillsborough disaster. By signing the charter, we are making a public commitment to learn the lessons of the Hillsborough disaster and its aftermath. This includes ensuring the perspective of bereaved families is not lost during the response of public organisations to major incidents and that families are treated with care and compassion at all times.

As a police force we are  also making a pledge to improve the way the service responds to disasters by being more open and transparent and by placing public interest above all other priorities.

The College of Policing and the NPCC will be publishing a formal response to Bishop Jones’ full review of the Hillsborough families’ experiences in the coming months. This will provide a detailed summary of the measures that have been taken by policing, and those that are ongoing, to address all of the relevant learning points.