Special Constabulary, PCSOs and Volunteers

Special Constables

Special Constables are un-paid volunteer police officers who come from all walks of life. They may be at home bringing up a family, in full-time employment, a student or retired, but they all give their time for the good of the local community.

Our Specials perform the same duties as regular officers, receive the same high level training and have the same powers and authority as regular Police Officers.


A Police Community Support Officer (PCSO) provides a vital link between the community and the police service to make sure everyone has the support they need.

Whether it’s stopping speeding outside our schools, reporting vandalism, or reducing antisocial behaviour, your work will make a real difference in keeping Lancashire safe.

As a Police Community Support Officer you will be able to develop your skills in dealing with people and will gain job satisfaction from making a difference in your community.

Police Community Support Officers don’t have powers to arrest, but instead, they are armed with excellent communication skills to protect the community in a non-confrontational capacity.

This link details PCSO powers in Lancashire.


Volunteers are members of the public who give their time to work in many departments within the Constabulary.

Being a volunteer means contributing some of your time to help Lancashire Constabulary improve its quality of service to local communities. The amount of time you decide to volunteer will be up to you and will be agreed during the application process.

Volunteers are involved in various aspects of the service from helping Neighbourhood Policing Teams to develop close relationships with their communities, to monitoring media coverage, to contacting the public to update them on the progress of police investigations or gathering further information

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