Op McClane: a drugs warrant role-play

Friday, September 15, 2023

Blackpool and Fylde Police Cadets recently took part in a role-play exercise called Operation McClane.

Op McClane, organised by PCSO Alison Williams and PCSO Isaac Moutrey, gave Cadets a hands-on experience to what being a police officer can involve.

Cadets gathered in Blackpool for a briefing where they were told they would be executing a drugs warrant and were looking for two ‘wanted’ suspects (who were played by two police officers).

After forcing entry to a property, provided by Blackpool Coastal Housing, Cadets ‘arrested’ two suspects, booked them into custody, searched the premise for drugs, paraphernalia, weapons, mobiles phones, and learned how to seize them for evidence.

Officers from a range of departments assisted to make the day as realistic as possible for the Cadets, such as Armed Response, Mounted, CSI and Neighbourhood Police Officers.

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