New County Lines Disruption Team to launch in Blackpool

Monday, January 9, 2023

Blackpool Police have received funding from the Home Office to form a new policing team, responsible for the identification and disruption of those involved in county lines criminality.

The new team will be dedicated to target and disrupt those responsible for the supply of class A drugs and serious violence linked to county lines, as well as identifying and addressing the vulnerabilities this type of criminality attracts.

The funding will run for the next two years and will allow police to have a dedicated resource working alongside Project ADDER, which focuses on working in partnership to address the root causes of drugs misuse and break down supply chains.

Detective Superintendent Becky Smith said: “Over the past five years staff within West Division have worked extremely hard to highlight the profile of county lines across Lancashire. They have raised our profile nationally in terms of our work, in both targeting criminals and identifying innovative projects aimed at preventing vulnerable people from becoming involved in serious organised crime.

“Due to our reputation in this area, we have been lucky enough to secure this funding for the next two years which will allow us to relentlessly target those responsible for county lines and the serious violence and exploitation which is associated with it.

“This team will ensure that Lancashire, and more specifically West Division, is not seen as a safe haven for serious organised criminals and that those who do choose this path, will be robustly targeted and brought to justice.

“I am really excited to see the impact that this team has on county lines and our communities”.

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