Blackpool Police target ASB in joint operation with British Transport Police

Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Officers from Blackpool Police and British Transport Police (BTP) have joined forces to launch an operation which tackles anti-social behaviour in Blackpool.

Operation Whistle involves an officer from Blackpool Police teaming up with an officer from BTP, tasked to respond and proactively deter anti-social behaviour in and around the area of Blackpool North train station and Layton train station.

The operation runs weekly and is either focused on a Blackpool ward area or within the stations and trains on BTP's ground. It is currently planned until the end of the school holidays. 

Proactive work during this operation has already seen prevention opportunities in the area, such as identifying county lines running using the local train lines.

Op Whistle has seen other standalone partnership events, such as using a knife arch and drug dogs within the stations to target offenders carrying drugs or weapons, as well as engaging with the community. 

Neighbourhood Policing Inspector for Blackpool North and Central, Inspector Jon Campbell-Smith, said: “Anti-social behaviour is a concern to all members of our community, whether that be in and around the community, or when travelling on public transport such as the railways.

“Blackpool Police are committed to doing all we can to prevent any such behaviour. Working with the British Transport police will not only allow our officers to share skills and experience, but also increase their knowledge and allow us to target those persistent offenders.

Inspector Pete Wilcock, from British Transport Police, said: "Working together with our colleagues at Lancashire Constabulary allows us more resources to tackle anti-social behaviour. It's incredibly beneficial and means we can share information to disrupt crime.

"This collective effort maximises our effect and makes a real difference to those impacted by anti-social behaviour."

Police and Crime Commissioner Andrew Snowden said: "Anti-social behaviour is a blight on our communities that makes people feel unsafe in their homes and on the streets and Op Whistle is another example of us taking the fight to those who make life a misery for others in this way.

"Working with partners such as British Transport Police is extremely important to share intelligence and effectively tackle anti-social behaviour.

“Whether intimidation and aggression, drug dealing, or the anti-social use of vehicles to name just a few, I have made clear that tackling anti-social behaviour is a key priority for us in Lancashire, as I lead the fight against crime and deliver on the issues that matter most to people.”

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