Blackpool Police launch E-Bikes on the path to going green

Thursday, September 1, 2022

Blackpool Police launched the introduction of brand-new E-Bikes at last nights (30th August 2022) ‘Ride The Lights’ event in Blackpool.

The E-Bikes, funded by Active Blackpool, have been introduced to help reduce anti-social behaviour and increase visibility within communities. They also make a step towards reducing the Constabulary’s carbon footprint, whilst keeping officers fit and healthy.

Blackpool Council and the Community Safety Partnership have also provided funding for related equipment such as lighting, bike racks, locks and helmets.

Superintendent Chris Hardy said: “The brand-new E-Bikes are a welcome initiative into modern policing. We are looking forward to using them in future deployments.

“The E-Bikes are effective, efficient, allow us to travel further and increase visibility - which are all vital within our roles protecting communities. They are also a positive start towards ‘going greener’ and making the right changes in our efforts to use renewable energy.

“We are hugely grateful to Active Blackpool, Blackpool Council and the Community Safety Partnership who have funded this initiative. We were able to introduce them at last nights ‘Ride The Lights’ event, which was a huge success.”

Blackpool Police currently have eight of the new E-Bikes, with plans to expand in the future.

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