Blackpool Police announce Christmas competition winner

Tuesday, December 20, 2022

A six-year-old from Blackpool has won a Christmas competition held by local police.

PCSO Alison Williams recently launched the festive competition, encouraging young people to show acts of kindness within their community, which received over 50 entries.

Oliver, aged six, was crowned the winner after he wanted to “help the people who are cold and do not have any food”.

Oliver reached out to friends and family to donate from their cupboards or buy extra on their weekly shop. He put a box outside his house and asked the local neighbours if they could contribute.

Over 10 bags of items were given to Oliver’s cause, and all items were donated to the Amazing Graze Soup Kitchen in Blackpool.

Oliver won the chance to become a police officer for the day, where he met police horses and dogs, took fingerprints, rode in a police car and had an end-of-shift debrief with the boss.

Becki, Oliver’s step-mum, said: “Oliver dreams of being a police officer when he is older. He was super excited to get started when he heard about this competition at school.

“We have been really touched by the support from people on our estate and how much has been donated to his cause. Oliver has loved checking his box each day after school and counting what he has.

“He has spent each night making a list of what meals could be made with the food donated, and if there would be enough for breakfast, lunch, and tea!

“This competition has been a great opportunity and teaches our little ones how important it is to be kind. I really feel like he has learnt a lot through this experience, and it has brought up some questions and topics he would not have thought of otherwise.”

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