Nelson police work with Zig Zag Patrol to tackle dangerous driving

Monday, March 13, 2023

Officers from Nelson’s Neighbourhood Policing Team have been working closely with pupils from local primary schools to provide education on dangerous driving.

Last month, the Nelson neighbourhood team had some help from pupils at local primary schools. The children took part in various activities across the day, including our officers giving the children education on crossing the road and dangerous driving, they then used this education to stop people who were speeding and asking them to slow down.

PC Matt Lunney from Nelson police said: “It is great to work with the youth of today to educate them and drivers on how they can be dangerous on the road.

“The idea behind the initiative is that by getting the pupils to understand the issues and gain confidence in speaking up, they then may remind parents and guardians to drive safe.

“All the children interacted positively, and we received great feedback from parents, it is good for us to engage with the younger generation and instil the messages from a young age.”

A pupil from a local primary school said: “We learned a lot from the police and told drivers off for speeding. The drivers were sorry and said they would slow down to keep us safe.”

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