Lancashire Police joins forces with local council to combat high-end vehicle theft.

Thursday, July 13, 2023

There has been a surge in reports of high-end vehicle theft across East Lancashire and Lancashire Police is urging residents to remain vigilant and take proactive measures to protect their vehicles. Working hand-in-hand with local councils, Lancashire police is determined to tackle this issue head-on and ensure safety in the community.

The rise in vehicle crime, particularly targeting vehicles with keyless entry, has raised concerns amongst residents. Thieves can gain access to the vehicles within minutes, highlighting the need for increased security measures. To assist residents in safeguarding their vehicles and property, Lancashire Police have a set of simple steps that can help deter criminals from targeting individuals and their possessions.

These recommendations include:

  1. Keep car keys safe: when at home, ensure car keys are kept away from the car to disrupt communication range. Avoid leaving them near doors or windows too.
  2. Use a signal blocking pouch/faraday bag: employing a signal blocking pouch or faraday bag can effectively block the transmission signals from car keys once inside. These protective accessories can be easily purchased for under £10 from various car part stores and online retailers.
  3. Turn off the fob’s wireless signal: some keyless fobs have the option to disable wireless signals. Refer to your car manual for instructions on how to do this.
  4. Steering wheel lock: although they might not look the nicest, incorporating a steering wheel lock can significantly enhance protection against keyless thefts.
  5. Strategic parking: if a garage is available, it is advisable to utilise it for vehicle security purposes. If you have multiple vehicles, position the less-desirable vehicle so that it blocks the other, acting as a deterrent by obstructing access.

Lancashire Police would like to emphasise that by making it more difficult for criminals to target vehicles they are more likely to move on.

Inspector Claire Pearson from the Pendle Neighbourhood Policing Team said, “The increase in keyless car thefts is a concern, and we are actively working to identify those responsible. We ask that the community supports us in this by taking on board our crime prevention advice and making life difficult for these thieves. We also ask that our communities continue to report any suspicious behaviour to the police as any information could prove useful in detecting these offences.”

Councillor Asjad Mahmood, Leader of Pendle Borough Council, said: “The rise in vehicle crime, particularly targeting vehicles with keyless entry, has raised concerns amongst residents.


“It is good to know the police are aware of the situation and it is on their radar, but residents also need to do their bit by following police advice on how to keep their vehicles safe.


“I hope the culprits will take us seriously knowing we are working closely with the police to tackle this issue and ultimately catch them!” 


For comprehensive vehicle crime prevention advice, residents are encouraged to visit

If you witness any suspicious behaviour or incidents, residents are urged to report them promptly. For non-emergency situations please contact 101 or report online by visiting In an emergency, please call 999.

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