OpSnap - Dashcam portal launched in Lancashire

Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Help us to keep our roads safe by submitting evidence of minor driving offences and other forms of bad driving.

We have launched an online portal where people can upload digital footage of suspected traffic offences that have taken place in our county.

This includes evidence offences of Dangerous Driving, Driving without Due Care and Attention, Careless and Inconsiderate Driving, using a mobile phone, not wearing a seat belt, contravening a red traffic light, contravening solid white lines, and other offences where the driver is clearly not in proper control of the vehicle

OpSnap enables the public to submit digital evidence in relation to witnessed driving offences. The Constabulary’s OpSnap team of officers who are experienced in the application of road traffic legislation will then review the evidence and prosecute road users where appropriate.

All submissions are processed with our ultimate aim to reduce incidents of poor driving on our county’s roads.

Supt Damian Darcy, Tactical Operations Manager said, ““We often receive comments and complaints from members of the public about dangerous and anti-social driving and there is a significant demand for a system like OpSnap.
“By using a system like this it allows us to effectively deal with digital footage of traffic offences in a quick and secure way, whilst making the investigation process more streamlined for the public and saving our officers time.
"Road safety in Lancashire is something we take very seriously, and we are determined to tackle dangerous, careless and inconsiderate driving on our county’s roads.
“Keeping our roads safe is everyone’s business and people can do their bit, not only by driving or riding in a safe manner but also by highlighting dangerous or inconsiderate driving they witness and capture on their dashcams/headcams.

For more information about the system and how to submit footage please visit the frequently asked questions page

If you have footage of a minor motoring offence, please visit the OpSnap portal here


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