Covid 19 - a message from the Deputy Chief Constable

Monday, January 11, 2021

EVERYONE has a role to play in reducing the spread of Coronavirus and those who flagrantly breach the rules will be fined.


That’s the message from Lancashire Constabulary’s Deputy Chief Constable who has today reminded people that the lockdown rules are in place to save lives and stop the NHS being overwhelmed.


Over the weekend the constabulary recorded more than 360 Covid incidents, including reports of a gym operating, house parties and a small number of pubs breaching regulations.


More than 100 tickets were issued.


DCC Terry Woods said: “The Coronavirus pandemic is reaching a critical stage in Lancashire, with rates rising rapidly everywhere and some boroughs approaching or well above 700 weekly cases per 100,000 people;


“The lockdown rules are in place to save lives and stop the NHS being overwhelmed – Nurses and doctors across Lancashire are already under huge pressure and we all have to follow the regulations to help them.


“We know how tough it is right now and that many people are exhausted – we’re confident though that the vast majority of people will take personal responsibility and do the right thing by sticking to both the law and the associated advice/guidance – we are proud of the county’s response all the way from March 2020 and we want to thank everyone for playing their part


“We’ll continue to take a common sense and proportionate approach as we have since the pandemic started.  We’ve done our best to help people follow the rules and show compassion for those in difficulty whilst also enforcing the law where the public would rightly expect us to


“We will carry on engaging with people and being balanced but where people deliberately flout and disregard the law they can expect to have enforcement action taken against them very quickly, including being fined.


“Restrictions on social mixing remain in force and we are really clear that large gatherings, house parties and events which break the law must not take place – they have the highest risk of harm and we will take immediate action against them.


“We will get through this but we need everyone to pull together and do their bit.”



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