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Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Organisations across Lancashire are working closely together to make sure that our communities are protected and kept well informed during the outbreak of Coronavirus COVID-19.

Key emergency services and specific supporting agencies, including local authorities, health and other government agencies come together under the umbrella of the Lancashire Local Resilience Forum (LRF) to co-ordinate the county’s response to the virus.

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The Lancashire Local Resilience Forum has the primary responsibility for planning for and responding to any major emergency, including a pandemic, in the county.

Representatives from the LRF in Lancashire – which is chaired by Lancashire Constabulary - are meeting several times every week to ensure that the county is prepared to respond to confirmed cases of COVID-19 and to make sure that organisations can keep people informed with the latest information and advice and are able to continue to provide a level of service to our communities.

Organisations taking part include the police, Public Health England, The NHS, North West Ambulance Service, Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service, Lancashire County Council, Blackpool Council, Blackburn with Darwen Council, and district authorities. All have a key part to play in making sure that people are as prepared as they can be to deal with the outbreak.

The Chair of the LRF is Lancashire Constabulary’s Deputy Chief Constable Terry Woods. He said: “We all have a part to play in managing the spread of coronavirus and in making sure our communities are kept safe.

“We are working hard as partners to ensure we are all fully equipped to protect people as best we can, to keep them well informed with the most up to date information and advice and to make sure that we can try to maintain a service to the people of Lancashire .

“The LRF already has robust and well-tested plans in place for helping local people and dealing with pandemic flu of all types, including coronavirus, so as a group of organisations we are well-prepared to respond to this latest outbreak.

“This is of course a very worrying time for us all and the restrictions that are being placed on individuals and communities are profound. We are being asked to make huge changes in the way we live our lives and these changes may well last for some considerable time so people should be prepared for that. I can’t remember anything like it in my lifetime and certainly not during my police service, but I know that the people of Lancashire will pull together and that we will get through this.

“I would urge people to stay calm, to follow the advice that the government and Public Health England are giving each day and to look out for one another. One of the positive things to come out of this is that we are getting a lot of offers of help and support from our volunteer organisations and community groups as well as from individuals and that is great to see.”

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