Section 60 in place in Preston

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

A Section 60 will once again be in place in the Fishwick and St Matthews areas of Preston from 6pm tonight (Wednesday, March 13th)

This follows an incident on Sunday where a 14 year old boy suffered knife wounds. It is believed he had been attacked by a group of men on or close to Samuel Street.

A Section 60 gives us the power to search people or vehicles without suspicion in an area where we believe violence could take place. We also have the power to require the removal of face coverings or disguises.

This should not overly concern people. It’s not about targeting people, it is about making sure we do all we can to keep people safe.

The powers are in place from 6pm today (13 March) until 6am tomorrow morning (14 March) and covers the areas shown. Section 60 authorisations information.  


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