Man jailed for robbery

Thursday, October 12, 2017

A MAN has been jailed for six years after robbing a taxi driver in Blackburn.


Lee ‘Titch’ Taylor, 31, of Adelaide Terrace in Blackburn, was convicted of robbery following a trial at Preston Crown Court.


In the early hours of April 26th the 52 year old victim, a taxi driver, collected a passenger from Mill Hill Taxis in Blackburn. The passenger then directed the driver to Hollins Street where they picked up a second passenger. The taxi was then directed to Palatine Rd, Blackburn where the two passengers robbed the driver, holding a knife to his throat and stealing cash from his pockets before running off.


Taylor’s DNA was subsequently found in the pocket of the victim and he was arrested and charged and convicted on Wednesday (October 11th) despite his pleas of innocence. Taylor, who told the court his nickname was Titch, claimed he couldn’t be the robber as he is just 5ft 2ins and witnesses said the attacker was 5ft 10ins tall, but the power of the DNA evidence won through.


A second man was also charged but the case against him was later dropped.


Detective Sgt Mark Hutchinson, of Blackburn CID, said: “Taylor carried out a terrifying robbery on a taxi driver who was simply going about his business and trying to earn an honest living.


“Obviously Taylor thought he had got away with his crime but he was unable to explain to a jury how his DNA came to be in the driver’s pocket and the jury convicted him.”


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