Average speed cameras to be enforced – A675 Belmont South

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Following the recent installation of the remaining equipment for the average speed camera scheme on the A675 Belmont, it has now been confirmed that the last section will go live from 24/11/17.

This section runs from the village of Belmont towards Scout Road and with the existing cameras that went live in June this year will create an average speed route of just over

There are eight routes across the county; five are now being enforced while installation is on-going on the remaining three routes with the A59 Brockholes Brow set to go live next.

The Lancashire Road Safety Partnership (LRSP) gave the go ahead for the scheme last year and in January announced the chosen routes in a bid to reduce road casualties and collisions.

The Partnership decided to adopt the system using average speed cameras as safety and motorist compliance has consistently improved on a variety of road types using the system in other parts of the UK.

The cameras will use number plate recognition technology to detect vehicles and calculate their average speed by measuring the time taken to travel between fixed points of a known distance apart. Average speed check signage will be used to inform drivers that they are entering an average speed control zone.

The introduction of the system is intended to positively influence driver behaviour and ensure that motorists comply with the set limits on roads, resulting in a safer environment for all road users.

There will be sanctions for anyone detected breaching the speed limits, where eligible they will be given the opportunity to attend a speed awareness course to learn about the dangers of speeding, accept a conditional offer of a fixed penalty (currently a £100 and 3 penalty points) or for higher speeds the matter may be referred to court.

More information about the average speed cameras can be found on the constabulary website:

For more information from the Partnership you can visit:

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