Meet our Chief Officer

I joined the Specials in 1997 and took over as Chief Officer of the Special Constabulary in July 2014 after holding the deputy post since the organisational review of the Specials in 2011, having previously worked in Kirkham, Lytham St Annes and Blackpool.Chief Officer Paul Airlie

The Special Constabulary in Lancashire continues to grow in both numbers and professionalism. I am committed to working with Special and regular colleagues to ensure that we continue to support local policing priorities and play our part in maintaining a quality service.

It is also very rewarding to see that the HMIC recognising the hard work of the Specials in Lancashire which is a great tribute to my volunteer colleagues.

By day I am an Assistant Director with the Home Office, Immigration Enforcement based in Salford.

It can be difficult to juggle the two roles, but it’s all about time management and being really disciplined, as well as understanding what needs to be done as a priority. Sometimes you do have to say no to some things in both jobs, but I’m really lucky in that I have a really good group of Special Inspectors who do an awful lot of good work across the county. The skills which I have learnt within the Specials have certainly helped me in my full time job in terms of progression; being a Special has definitely complimented my home life.

I joined the Specials for two reasons – to make a difference and give something back to my local community and also because I had recently moved to the area from Glasgow and I wanted to meet new people. I kept going because I could immediately see the huge benefits of volunteering in the police service and I still feel humbled to be part of it. For anyone thinking about joining the Specials please get in touch with your divisional coordinator and give it a go.

Paul Airlie
Chief Officer,Lancashire Special Constabulary

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