Meet James

Originally I became a Special with the intention to join the police in the long term. During this time I was successful with another job and decided to run both in parallel.

James Edited

Since joining, the friendliness of all officers I have encountered has been fantastic and I always feel very welcomed when I turn up to work with the neighbourhood policing teams.

As a Special you are only required to perform 16 hours a month and once you’re on duty the time just disappears!

I think being a Special has greatly increased my confidence and communication skills. The diversity of being a Special allows you to learn about different areas of the police service. I have been able to work with the Dog Unit, Serious Acquisitive Crime Unit, Traffic department, CID and more, something that as a regular officer you may never have the chance of doing without being attached to that unit. And of course, you will never forget the first time you’re in a police car driving with blue lights on to an urgent job.

James, Special Inspector

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