Volunteer Police Cadets

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We are really proud of all our Volunteer Police Cadets

Young people are often portrayed in a negative way and the contribution they can make towards making Lancashire a safer and better place is often underestimated.

Our Volunteer Police Cadet programme provides an environment where young people can be themselves, can harness their community sprit to help others, can learn new skills and become a community leader of the future. 

We want to promote the good and positive contributions that young people can make and that they should be able to fulfil their true potential.

The Volunteer Police Cadet programme provides a springboard for young people to do just this and aims to facilitate opportunities that enable them to do good in our communities. This is not a programme aimed at recruiting more police officers although many cadets do continue to be involved in Policing when they leave , this is a programme aimed at allowing young people to flourish and to be proud of what they can achieve by helping others.

Cadet motto – ‘Let’s Go Out and Do Some Good’

 The aims of VPC are to;

 Promote a practical understanding of policing amongst all young people

  • Encourage the spirit of adventure and good citizenship
  • Support local policing priorities through volunteering and give young people a chance to be heard
  • Inspire young people to participate positively in their communities

What's it all about?

Our aim is that Police Cadets should be seen as a force for good in their local communities by getting involved in local social action initiatives that make things better for people such as; reassuring the vulnerable, visiting people in hospital who are frail or lonely, helping clean up local public spaces, providing community safety advise at events, raising funds to help local charities, bring people together to bridge the gap between different generations and communities, sharing their opinion on issues that affect people in their area and much much more.

Our cadets are expected to volunteer at a community event for at least three hours each month. These events are usually facilitated by Cadet Leaders. 

What will I learn?

Police Cadets are based in local colleges across Lancashire and meet one night a week. They are taught basic knowledge in a variety of policing activities and the law, gaining an insight into road safety, first aid, personal safety, conflict management and problem solving. This is all contained in our 4 stage Community Leadership programme which we expect our cadets to complete during their time with us.

Our Cadets also have the opportunity to visit different departments in the police service, such as, Dog Section, Firearms Unit, Roads Policing, Mounted branch and Scenes of Crime unit.

We also operate Duke of Edinburgh award schemes which offer our cadets an opportunity to go on expeditions and engage in community projects.

What will I gain?

The programme aims to give young people a chance to express their views on policing issues and to make a positive contribution to their community. 

Cadet’s report feeling more confident, more able to communicate with others from whatever background or age, more likely to want to volunteer in the future and even more importantly cadets report feeling an increased sense of pride in themselves, their unit and their community.


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