Custody Detention Officers

Locations: Blackburn, Blackpool, Burnley, Lancaster, Preston and Skelmersdale.


What do Custody Detention Officers do?

Custody Detention Officers work in the custody suites in police stations. They help to keep detained people and their property secure and safe. Custody Detention Officers work with the powers detailed in the Police Reform Act 2002 and ensure compliance with the Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984.

Supervised by the Custody Sergeant, you'll be responsible for detainees from the moment they arrive at the police station. You'll book them in, log their possessions, take their fingerprints and photographs and make sure they are secure in a cell.

During their time in custody you'll take them bedding, food and drink, make regular cell checks, and keep cells clean. Cells can become messy if a detainee is intoxicated or becomes sick. You'll need to be prepared to clean the cell and be compassionate towards the detainee when this happens.

There'll also be phone calls to answer, solicitors to deal with, and a whole host of other things to do.

This is an exciting role where we'll build on your abilities and teach you to deal with detainees effectively and professionally.

Where will I be based?

As a Custody Detention Officer you'll be based at one of our 6 custody suites at:

  • Blackburn
  • Blackpool
  • Burnley
  • Lancaster
  • Preston
  • Skelmersdale

Will I need to work shifts?

Yes. Custody is a 24 hour, 7 days per week service where you'll be required to work a shift pattern.

What skills will I need? 

This is a challenging job where we require unique people.

Detainees can behave in challenging ways and can be volatile. You'll need to handle situations with respect, empathy and understanding. You'll also need to stay calm and controlled. 

You'll need good computer skills and excellent spelling and grammar. You'll also need to pay attention to detail as you'll be recording interactions with detainees and filling in forms.

Above all, you'll need to be able to communicate effectively with people from different backgrounds and from all walks of life. Many of the people you deal with will be vulnerable or confrontational.

In return you'll have an immensely satisfying job; making a significant contribution to safeguarding people who live and work in Lancashire.

Is this a Police Officer role?

No. This is a police staff role. You'll need to wear a uniform and will have the powers detailed in the Police Reform Act 2002. You'll also need to ensure compliance with the Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984.

I'm from an under-represented group. How can I access help for my application?

As an equal opportunities employer, we welcome applications from anyone who is suitably qualified. However, as black and minority ethnic (BME) candidates are currently under-represented within the Force, we encourage applications from BME applicants. If you would like to discuss further this opportunity and support offered, please contact our workforce representation team on [email protected].

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