Life as a Community Beat Manager

I am Police Constable Dave Kinsley and I am proud to be the Community Beat Manager (CBM) of Chorley East.David Kinsley

My responsibility is to manage a designated area with the very much needed assistance of my Police Community Support Officers (PCSO’S). Being a CBM is very challenging due to the fact the area in which I manage is very diverse made up of multi-national communities, religions, cultures and social differences.  I act as a point of contact for the community and by receiving and passing on information, I hope to improve the area to make this a better place to live and work.

My role can be very rewarding to spend time with families and multi-agencies to help solve local issues.

The agencies we work very closely with include schools, housing associations and local councils. This allows me to build up good key contacts and provides me with plenty of options when problem solving.  I have also made a number of key contacts with people who live and work within the area in which I cover. Their role cannot be underestimated as they act as my eyes and ears when I am not available, providing me with coverage 24 hours a day. With this I can build up a good understanding of how the area is developing and it informs me if any intervention is required. 

The issues I deal with can vary from day to day, however, the majority of incidents that I regularly deal with can be classed in the following categories – anti-social behaviour, criminal damage, theft, domestic incidents, drug dealing and drugs possession.

As you can agree this all has an impact but working with a community to combat these issues is very rewarding for all involved. When ideas are put into action which then become solutions it can make you feel proud that you are making a difference in people’s lives.

Every community is made up of vulnerable people and this could be due to age, mental capacity or illness just to name a few. It is therefore very important that this section of the community is made to feel safe, reassured and involved. There are a number of ways in which my team and I try and provide this service such as street surgeries, community meetings and updates via social media. We will make our best efforts to re-contact anybody who feels they have been a victim of crime or Anti-Social behaviour.

I enjoy being a Community Officer and I enjoy being out in the community, being visible and available to assist when I am required.

Dave Kinsley

CBM Chorley East

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