Special Constables

We are currently not recruiting for Special Constables.  

Special constables are volunteer police officers who come from all walks of life. Our volunteers have a vast range of skills and experience across a range of sectors and include teachers, GPs, project managers, directors, retailers and police control room operators.

What are we looking for?

There is no upper age limit to becoming a Special Constable. We actively encourage applications from those who already have a career who are seeking a sense of personal fulfilment, in particular those who have transferable skills or expertise they can use in this role. In return we can offer you development with your personal and professional skills and progression through a rank system.


Successful applicants will receive the same standard of training as regular police officers and will be issued with the same powers, equipment and uniform.

Initially you will need to be available to attend our training which is currently eight weekends (not consecutive over a 16 week period), along with some E-learning prior to and during this period. The training is held at Lancashire Constabulary Headquarters, Hutton. You will then have a further 12 months to complete on-the-job training/assessments.

It takes an average of six months from application to starting your initial training course.


There is a minimum commitment of 16 volunteering hours per month to fit in over 24 hours a day seven days a week. As a volunteer, we ask you to provide your time and expertise without financial reward, although you can claim travel expenses to and from your place of volunteering and in some instances a meal allowance. There will be a requirement to attend additional mandatory training days (i.e. first aid and personal safety) and you may in some instances be required to attend court to give evidence.

The Role

The main role of a Special Constable is to support our front line and in most cases you will be aligned to Response. You will attend emergency calls, based on community priorities 24 hours a day seven days a week and will work alongside regular police officers and experienced special constables.

Please note joining the Special Constabulary is not a direct route to joining as a Police Officer. For more information see the eligibility section.