How To Apply To Become A Police Constable


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We recruit police officers in groups so that new entrants can train together and gain the best start.

We're planning on opening for applications in Spring 2020.

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Do you know there are two ways to apply?

If you have a degree already (in any subject) you can apply to join on our police constable degree holder entry programme. If you're ready to work towards a degree while working as a police officer look at our police constable degree apprentice programme.

You can only apply for one route at a time.

How long does the recruitment process take?

It takes time to select the applicants with the best potential. The first step is the application form. If you're successful you'll be invited to an assessment centre, after this we carry out thorough background checks. The whole process  takes around 6 months. Find out more about the recruitment process.

Take a look at our recruitment timelines for those who applied in July and August 2019.



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