Degree Holder Entry Programme

If you already have an honours degree and would like to become a police officer at Lancashire Constabulary then this is the route for you.

It doesn't matter what subject you studied, as long as you hold an honours degree that isn’t in Professional Policing.

What's Involved?

This is a 2-year programme of study that you'll undertake alongside serving as a front line police officer at Lancashire Constabulary. You'll learn on-the-job as well as studying for a Graduate Diploma in Professional Policing Practice, a level 6 qualification from the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan). This is a rigorous programme that will give you a valuable blend of knowledge and experience.

You'll earn while you're learning and your university fees will be funded by Lancashire Constabulary.

Where Will I Study?

Your degree will be awarded by the UCLan.

You'll study across several locations:

  • Hutton Hall (Police Headquarters)
  • UCLan Burnley
  • UCLan Preston.

The course takes place in 3 blocks of learning throughout each year and involves classroom sessions, coursework and exams. When you're not in the classroom you'll be working on full operational duties putting theory in to practice.

What Are The Entry Requirements?

A degree in any subject except for BSc Professional Policing*.

*In the future we'll be offering a third way to join. If you study for a BSc (Hons) Professional Policing at a College of Policing licensed higher education institute you'll be able to apply to join as PC on our shorter, practice-based training programme. Universities are launching these new, knowledge-based courses in September 2019 and we're planning to launch our third entry route ready for the first round of graduates leaving university in 2022.

What Support Will I Receive?

You'll be supported by your UCLan tutor with your studies and Lancashire Constabulary officers and staff will be on hand to support you in your operational role.

What Is The Starting Salary?

You'll start at £24,177 and receive annual increases.

How Do I Apply?

To be accepted on the Degree Holder Entry Programme (DHEP) you'll need to meet our usual eligibility criteria and pass our police officer recruitment process.


  Programme length:   2 years
Entry requirements:

Honours degree in any subject except for Professional Policing*

Meet our usual police officer eligibility criteria.

  Qualification earned:   Graduate Diploma in Professional Policing Practice
  (120 credits at Level 6)
  Awarding institution:   University of Central Lancashire (UCLan)
  Fees:   Paid by the Constabulary
  Starting salary:   £24,177

 * A shorter entry programme is being developed for the new, College of Policing licensed, BSc Professional Policing degrees. 

What next?

We recruit police officers in groups so that new entrants can train together and gain the best start.

We're planning on opening for applications for the Degree Holder Entry Programme on 1st June 2020.

Register your interest and we'll keep you updated with opening dates for Police Officer applications and useful information about becoming a Police Officer.

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