Detective Entry Programme - Entry Route

The Lancashire Detective Entry Programme is a streamlined route to the role of a Detective Constable.  

This is a full time police officer contract commencing with a 2 year development and training programme towards becoming a fully qualified detective (PIP 2 Investigator).

You will be trained in law and procedure and learn how to conduct initial investigations.  You will then develop to become an investigator of serious and complex crime.  You will be supported throughout by experienced police officers and detective tutors to become a Detective Constable PIP 2 Investigator.  At the same time, you will also gain an academic qualification from the University of Central Lancashire with a Graduate Diploma in Professional Policing Practice.

The first year of the programme will see you immersed in learning to become a police officer.  You will undertake this initial learning alongside colleagues who are working towards a role as a police constable. 

This will include:

  • Working in full uniform as a sworn and warranted police officer
  • Working shifts alongside a Tutor Constable and with the support of experienced police mentor colleagues. 
  • Periods of supported deployment where you will evidence your competence in the core skills of a police officer
  • Teaching blocks at a UCLan campus learning about policing, the law and procedure
  • Complete an assignment, two examinations and maintain a work-based reflective diary

After 35 weeks you will be assessed as Fit for Independent Patrol and gain your PIP 1 accreditation meaning you can deal with priority and volume crime investigations

In the second year, you will commence as a Trainee Investigator and will start your investigative career working towards becoming a Detective Constable and gain your PIP 2 accreditation meaning you are able to deal with serious and complex investigations.

You will be immersed with detective colleagues in one of seven Investigation Hubs (Criminal Investigation Departments or CID) in Lancashire.  A Tutor Detective Investigator will work alongside you to develop your skills and experience as an investigator.

You will benefit from placements including working with the following departments: -

  • Child Protection – investigation of serious crimes and incidents involving children and young people.  This is done working in close partnership with other agencies such as Children’s Social Care and Health.
  • Safeguarding – working in partnership with other agencies to reduce the harm experienced by some of our most vulnerable victims of Domestic Abuse and exploitation.
  • Intelligence – understanding how intelligence development works and leads to proactive investigations.
  • Proactive – working in plain clothes investigating serious and complex crimes such as child exploitation, drugs supply, County Lines and Organised Crime.
  • MOSOVO (Management of Sexual or Violent Offenders) - officers and staff work in partnership with Probation, Prisons and other agencies to reduce the risk of harm presented by convicted sexual and violent offenders who reside in the community after release from prison. 
  • Child Sexual Exploitation – investigation of offenders who target and exploit children.  Work in multi-agency partnerships to reduce the harm to children and young people and to convict offenders.

The aim of all this is to enable you to fully evidence your skills as an investigator to achieve Operational Competence and PIP 2 status.  Operational Competence will be achieved at Week 104 but it may take a further 6 months for you to evidence all the requirements to achieve PIP 2 and Detective Constable status.

Throughout this period you will receive the highest level of training and support from colleagues at Lancashire Constabulary and tutors at UCLan.

To succeed as a detective you will need to be observant, precise, creative and tenacious. Detectives tackle the most serious levels of crime including rape, robbery, serious violence and complex fraud to name but a few.  The nature of this crime demands detectives to have the highest level of integrity and personal responsibility to be effective. Detective departments are enriched by officers from a range of different backgrounds and skillsets.

Our detectives are driven by the motivation to keep people safe, act with integrity and honesty and they are guided by a high moral compass.

A career as a Detective is exciting, challenging and rewarding. Members of the public will turn to you for leadership, support and insight.

We know we set the bar high, however that’s because we expect a lot from our officers. In return you’ll find a supportive and inclusive environment where your contribution is valued.

Every day you’ll make a difference to the lives of Lancashire residents and visitors to our county. You’ll play a vital role in keeping communities safe and feeling safe.

The timeline and process for the recruitment process can be checked in this section.

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