Working as a PCSO

I am PCSO 7361 Tricia Baines and I have been a Police Community Support Officer in Chorley for over 10 years.

I can honestly say I thoroughly enjoy the role as it gives me the opportunity to become part of the community and to work with residents and other agencies to actually make a difference.

I get to know the community and work with them improve people’s daily business and the quality of life on the area I cover. The job is both diverse and challenging but most importantly it is rewarding.Patricia Baines

On a day to day basis in this role I am fortunate that no two days are the same. The job can involve anything from being the only friendly face a lonely pensioner may see on a daily basis or the only conversation they have that day to carrying out road safety, stranger danger and other pertinent talks at my local schools. I often get called upon to assist at scenes of crimes which can free up Police Officer time and am asked to undertake many routine crime enquiries to assist officers including CCTV and house to house enquiries.

Working in partnership with other agencies such as Housing Associations, the local council or Social Services is a key part of the role and I often attend Child Protection Case Conferences and help to make life changing decisions about vulnerable children. Similarly, partnership work around anti-social behaviour is a large part of the role where I can make a difference.

The role enables us not only to work with the community but also to become a vital part of it by providing, support, advice and reassurance to families, residents and the vulnerable. By maintaining close links with other agencies I can signpost people to required services and make a difference.

I am fortunate enough to be a part of the wider Lancashire Constabulary Neighbourhood Policing Team and have the support of colleagues to help with those issues which require more than I can offer on my own. I take pride in trying to provide the best quality of service so that residents can rely on me and the team, providing consistency and continuity. By building this relationship with people in the community, I get to know what is going on and can get a good understanding of the issues facing the community and do what I can to improve things. That is what my role is all about.

PCSO 7361 Tricia Baines

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