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I have been a PCSO working in Preston for the last six years. My role is to work alongside the Lancashire Police family including police constables, special constables, community volunteers and other members of police staff. I assist them in tackling crime and anti-social behaviour on my beat. Stephen Connolly

I’ve worked on several beats during the course of my service. I have spent the majority of this time as a member of the Preston City Centre Neighbourhood Policing Team.

My role as part of the City Centre team includes intelligence gathering, dealing with low level crime and anti-social behaviour; such as criminal damage, underage alcohol sales, stolen property enquires, community engagement, crime prevention initiatives and much more.

Over the last six years I’ve worked with residents associations and partner agencies to secure funding for the purchase of crime prevention equipment for example, CCTV cameras, property marking devices and more. I also have an active role in the use of the Constabulary’s social media accounts such as Facebook and Twitter.

There are many reasons I enjoy being a PCSO, one of them is knowing how variable my day can be; one day I can be walking through the streets of the City Centre, the next day it can be assisting my colleagues searching fields in the rural areas of Preston for a missing person. I’ve even spoken live on BBC1 as part of the Crime Watch Roadshow!

PCSO 7654 Stephen Connolly

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