Children and Young Persons Privacy Notice


Lancashire Constabulary collect and store a lot of personal information. There is a law called the Data Protection Act which sets down rules about how people’s personal data is allowed to be used. Lancashire Constabulary have to obey this law. This document will give you a brief explanation of what information we collect, how we use it, how we store it and how you can ask us about it. This is called a Privacy Notice, and full version of the Privacy Notice can be found by clicking here.

What does Lancashire Constabulary mean by personal information?

Lancashire Constabulary collect and use your information to allow us to carry out policing. The information collected is called personal data and this allows you to be identified. Lancashire Constabulary also collect “special category” information which can be seen as sensitive. An explanation of “special category” data can be found by clicking here. Great care is taken to make sure this information is only used when it absolutely necessary to make sure you are protected.

Only information that is necessary for us to do our job and ensure you are protected is collected. Your information is only shared when it is absolutely necessary and our partners have agreed to keep your information safe and secure and only use it for valid reasons.  

Why do Lancashire Constabulary use your information?

As well as details of criminals, Lancashire Constabulary also keep details of victims and witnesses to allow information to be gathered to offer protection to those that need it. Only the minimum amount of personal information is kept to allow us to do our jobs. Lancashire Constabulary keep this information securely, either electronically on a computer system or in a paper records.

What information does Lancashire Constabulary hold?

This depends on why you have had contact with us, it can be something simple like your name and address, or your full physical description. A full list can be found on the Force Privacy Notice. Sometimes, Lancashire Constabulary will get information about you from other agencies, such as Social Services, local businesses or your school. All the information given is treated with the same level of security.

Your information is kept safe and secure. It is only accessed by our staff or others who are working on our behalf. Lancashire Constabulary will make sure that your personal information is handled fairly, lawfully and only shared with partners who will use it for valid reasons.

Who do Lancashire Constabulary share your information with?

Lancashire Constabulary will only share your information with organisations that have signed an agreement to keep it as safe and secure as we do. Each person that wants to look at your details will have to put security in place to make sure it is safely stored. Your information is shared only when it is necessary and we only share what is relevant to the concern.

The security of your personal information is taken very seriously and we follow the laws relating to security. We make sure that appropriate policies, training and security measures are in place, including making sure our buildings are secure and protected.

How long will Lancashire Constabulary keep my personal information?

Everyone in Lancashire Constabulary understands the need to keep your information safe. All staff are trained and our access to personal information is monitored. We only access your information when it is necessary to do so and we cannot just go looking because we want to.

Information about you is collected for different reasons, so keeping it for a specific time is complicated. To help with this a retention schedule helps us to keep your personal information as long as required for the reason it was collected.  A retention schedule is a document that explains how long Lancashire Police can keep your information for.

Can I see the information Lancashire Constabulary have on me?

Yes, you or a parent / guardian can contact Lancashire Constabulary and ask for us to share your information with you free of charge (depending on why we have your information, we may not be able to share all of it). This is called a subject access request. If you want to see the information we hold on you, then more information can be found on the Lancashire Constabulary website and you can put a request in by filling out this form –click here. If the information is wrong or incomplete, you can let us know and we will correct it.

If you feel that we should not be keeping your information, you may have the right to have it deleted from our records. We will address any concerns you might have if you write to the Data Protection Officer (details are given below). 

What age do I need to be to ask Lancashire Constabulary to give me information or change or delete my information?

Lancashire Constabulary will consider each request individually. If you are able to understand your rights and write to us it is likely that we will deal with your request. Sometimes however we may need to seek your parent or guardians permission to do what you have asked us to do.

Who can I speak to about my information?

Lancashire Constabulary have a designated Data Protection Officer. This person will help to ensure that the Lancashire Constabulary follow the law when using personal data. Anybody with concerns over the way the Lancashire Constabulary handles their personal data may contact our Data Protection Officer at the address below. If you want to contact us to raise any concerns about the way Lancashire Constabulary handles your personal data or if you require further details about the information contained within this Privacy Notice you may contact the Data Protection Officer (DPO), by telephoning us or emailing us on the number /email address below:

Telephone: 01772 413329

Email: [email protected]

The way Lancashire Constabulary use personal data is checked by an organisation called the Information Commissioner. You also have the right to complain to the Information Commissioner’s Office if you are unhappy with the way Lancashire Constabulary handles your personal information. You may contact the Information Commissioner’s Office by telephoning them on the number below or by visiting their website.                        

Telephone: 0303 123 1113


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