Preparing for Emergencies

Small car stuck in severe floods.

How to prepare for an emergency

The chances of you and your family being caught up in a major emergency are low. It's best to think about what you and your family would do though, just in case.

Download the 'Preparing for Emergencies in Lancashire' booklet to find out how you can prepare for an emergency and what is already in place to keep you safe. 

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Lancashire Resilience Forum

We work as part of the Lancashire Resilience Forum (LRF) to prepare and respond to emergencies across the county.

Lancashire Resilience Forum includes:

  • Emergency services
  • Local authorities
  • Health agencies
  • Environment Agency and
  • Maritime Coastguard Agency.

Voluntary groups, transport providers, utility providers, and local businesses also help the forum.

The Forum prepares for emergencies by:

  • Meeting regularly
  • Considering the hazards that feature in Lancashire, assessing the impacts of the risk and providing this information to the public in a Community Risk Register
  • Creating plans to help make the risks safer and to respond and recover should an emergency happen
  • Responding together in a coordinated way when something does go wrong
  • Training and testing to make sure we are ready
  • Identifying lessons from incidents and exercises

When an emergency occurs, all members of the LRF work together to:

  • Prevent things from getting worse
  • Save lives and relieve suffering
  • Protect property
  • Get back to normal
  • Help with related criminal investigations and judicial processes

The forum has created a list of the top risks for Lancashire:

  • Flu-type pandemic
  • Flooding
  • Terrorist attack
  • Industrial incident
  • Loss of essential services
  • Cold weather and snow
  • Heatwave
  • Storms and gales

Preparing for Emergencies in Lancashire Booklet

There's lots you can do to protect yourself and your family. LRF has created a booklet to help you do this. The booklet also has more information on each of the risks and what's being done already to keep communities safe.

Download the 'Preparing for Emergencies in Lancashire' booklet.

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