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Sadly, extremism and particularly risks around use of the internet are very much a part of today’s newspaper headlines.

Our young people are living in a rapidly changing and global environment which as we know can have both a positive and a negative impact upon their potential development and opportunities. Recent events in Syria and Iraq highlight how young people can be influenced by matters outside the UK in addition to the hatred and the violence that can be found on the internet and other outlets. Events in the media also demonstrate how schools can quickly and adversely be brought into the spotlight.

Whilst in reality incidents are isolated, as professionals we do need to know how best to respond when concerns do arise. The ‘Prevent’ strand of the strategy focuses upon early intervention and safeguarding approaches to extremism and potential vulnerability and operates in a similar way to how we would respond to concerns such as those around, physical abuse, drugs and sexual exploitation. The Channel panel which takes referrals is chaired by a local authority safeguarding lead supported by relevant agencies.


The Lancashire Prevent Education group have also produced some resources for schools which can be found at

Some of the resources for secondary schools are also still available in hard copy.

The principal resources for Primary schools were launched last year and were specifically developed ‘by teachers for teachers’.  They are based on cohesion and diversity themes of  :-‘Respect Myself, Respect My Family, Respect My Community, Respect My World’.  

A ‘Safeguarding’ Magic Show for Primary Schools was also developed with the Lancashire Partnership Against Crime   . This focuses upon themes such as cohesion, stranger danger, peer pressure, the buddy scheme. It has been delivered in over 90 schools with excellent feedback.

There are associated lesson plans for KS2 developed by a teacher and D2 Digital design:

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