Farms, Machinery and Tools

Farms and outbuildings

Protecting the perimeter of your farm and outbuildings is crucial to crime prevention:

  • Make sure you lock your doors and windows behind you
  • Keep gates locked
  • Consider the use of intruder alarms and CCTV to more vulnerable areas of your property
  • Consider appropriate security lighting, both inside and outside your property
  • UV mark equipment and property
  • Keep valuable items out of sight
  • Consider photographing tools and equipment for identification purposes

Estate and boundary security

Estate security is crucial in rural areas. Off-roading and illegal occupation can create problems for landowners and measures should be taken to reduce risks, so please consider the following:

  • Keep fencing and hedging in good repair
  • Keep gates locked and ensure good fitting hinges
  • Consider width restriction, high security retractable bollards
  • Reinforce wooden door and window frames, use grilles or bars as necessary
  • Use gravel on your driveway to increase your chances of hearing an intruder
  • Use external lighting
  • Use CCTV where appropriate
  • Use appropriate signage i.e. Rural Watch/Farm Watch

Agricultural machinery, vehicles, trailers and quad bikes

Plant and agricultural machinery can be easy to steal on isolated farms and as such can be targeted. Don’t make it easy for criminals:

  • Keep farmyard gates closed and locked wherever possible
  • Make sure you lock vehicles, remove keys and keep secure
  • Keep high value machinery and vehicles out of sight
  • Secure quad bikes and trailers in secure buildings if possible
  • UV mark trailers and quad bikes, keep a list of serial numbers
  • Consider the use of hitch locks, wheel clamps or ground anchors to prevent removal
  • Consider the use of immobilisers, hydraulic locks, VHF and GPS tracking systems for high value vehicles
  • Secure trailers and equipment to each other or to road furniture
  • Consider use of security lighting
  • Do not leave your machine on a trailer, unlocked or with no hitch lock!

NFU Mutual’s website includes detailed advice on security.

Farm implements and tools

Farm implements and tools are often easy to steal, but you can still do your best to minimise the risk by following simple guidelines:

  • Lock tools and small items of machinery in a secure building
  • Avoid leaving tools and accessories in fields
  • Store machinery away from public roads
  • Record the make and serial number of tools
  • Mark or stamp property with your postcode

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