Safer Giving

We know that many Lancashire residents like to support charities around the world through making financial donations and giving their time. Most fundraising appeals are genuine, but sadly there are people who exploit the generosity of others for their own gain.

Convoys delivering aid to Syria

In the past few years there have been more humanitarian crises and areas of conflict throughout the world. Many people collect food and items for distribution and will join convoys, however there are often difficulties involved.

  • Charity law and laws against terrorism, bribery and corruption apply to those who deliver humanitarian aid directly. Cash above a certain limit that has not been declared may be seized at the airport by the Border Force.
  • People who have travelled to deliver aid within Syria have been denied access to cross the border, or significantly delayed. There is also a risk of being denied exit. Charities unknown to the Free Syrian Army could be considered as hostile.
  • Delivering aid directly is very expensive. Your time, money and personal commitment can deliver greater support by sending supplies through established charities and international relief organisations.
  • People who have travelled to Syria have witnessed traumatic events, and may experience post-traumatic stress disorder (including symptoms of stress and anxiety, anger, and disturbed sleep). Anyone who experiences these symptoms should consult their GP.

To report any concerns please email us in confidence: [email protected]

Ramadan Safer Giving

Safer Giving - Syria


Safer Giving

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