Hajj and Umrah fraud

In recent years many people have fallen victim to Hajj fraud, losing thousands of pounds.

Some operators offer very cheap ‘Hajj Tours’ but shut down before you depart, leaving people with no tour and no way of getting their money back. Remember - if the package sounds too good to be true it probably is!

We’re working together with the Lancashire Muslim community to stop people falling victim to these fraudsters.

If you think you have been a victim, report it to Action Fraud.

How do I choose a safe Hajj agent?

  • Only book with an agent accredited by the Ministry of Hajj.
  • Make sure the agent has a valid Munazzam card and ask to see it before you book.
  • Check your agent is ATOL protected (Air Travel Organisers’ Licence). You can check the company's ATOL number online before you book with the Civil Avaition Authority.
  • Make sure you receive an ATOL certificate when you book with full details of your package

What is ATOL protection?

  • ATOL protection allows you to claim your money back if the agency closes down before you travel, and guarantees you a flight home if the travel agency closes down while you are in Saudi Arabia

What should I do when I book my Hajj package?

  • Make sure you get everything in writing – including details of your contract, your accommodation, itinerary, transport and contact details for your representative back home
  • Carefully consider your method of payment and make sure you get receipts of any financial transactions. If you do pay by bank transfer or cash and the company turns out to be fraudulent it will be virtually impossible to get your money back
  • Get everything in writing from your agent including your contract and receipts of any financial transactions

If you are unhappy about your trip or want more information you can find out more from the Council of British Hajjis.




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