Love your home

Christmas presents on display under the Christmas tree can prove an attractive prospect for thieves, particularly if people don't take steps to secure their home. Please don't make it easy for criminals - protect your home this winter and don't let thieves steal your Christmas.

  • When you go out, always lock the door and close the windows. 
  • Don’t leave keys where they can be seen or reached through the letter box - keep them out of sight. 
  • Leave a light on in a room and remember to draw the curtains when you go out at night.  
  • Never leave Christmas presents on view.
  • Fit burglar alarms and good outside lighting. Test them frequently to make sure they work. 
  • Mark important and expensive items with your postcode and house number using special security markers. Keep a record of the make, model and serial numbers of all electrical equipment and dispose of packaging carefully. 
  • Register property at
  • Make sure any side gates, sheds garages and outbuildings are locked.


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