Love shopping

Love shopping 

It’s the time of year when we are all busy shopping and getting ready for the big day. Follow this advice to keep safe whilst out and about:

  • Keep your bags with you at all times.
  • Keep purses, wallets and mobiles in your inside pockets and out of view. 
  • Carry handbags close to your body with the flap towards you.
  • Always park in well lit car parks.
  • Keep your car locked and never leave valuables and presents on view.

Love shopping online

More and more of us are doing our Christmas shopping online. Follow these tips when using credit or debit cards online:

  • Always use secure sites. Look for the padlock symbol. 
  • Always keep printouts of all online documentation.
  • Never disclose your card or bank details as proof of identity or age.
  • Only transmit your financial details by secure email i.e. through a secure website.
  • Register your cards with Verified by Visa or MasterCard SecureCode when prompted. It is quick and easy and makes shopping online even safer.
  • Log out when you have finished shopping.
  • It is also a good idea to keep your PC protected by ensuring your computer is equipped with the latest operating system, browser and up-to-date anti-virus software.
  • When on social network sites such as Facebook never disclose personal information about going away for Christmas or what you have been buying or have been bought as gifts.

Love your business

In the run-up to the festive period many businesses enjoy an increase in takings and we want to ensure that it is your business that benefits from this financial boost, rather than a burglar or robber who may seek to take this as an opportunity for unlawful gain. Here's some advice to help protect your business: 

  • Ensure that any intruder and panic alarms are fully operational and subject to an immediate police response in case of activation.
  • Be extra vigilant during cash or stock deliveries/collections and make all your staff aware of the added risks at this time of year.
  • Be mindful of any suspicious activity on your premises during opening hours. For example, individuals who are inside but do not appear to be using any of your services/buying anything. They may be observing the layout of the premises or checking out stock/cash delivery times.
  • If you have a CCTV system, ensure that it is operational and that cameras are recording images from appropriate areas.
  • Ensure that money is stored appropriately in a safe or other secure area.
  • When visiting the bank with cash, vary your habits, for example, day, time and route; and consider how much you carry and where possible attend the bank in twos.
  • Do not cash up until the premises are empty and known to be secure.
  • Consider your ‘lock down’ procedures at the close of business to ensure that premises have been completely emptied and that no external doors or windows have been accidentally or intentionally left open.
  • Report any suspicious activity to the police.

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