How We Deal with Business Crime

What is Business Crime?

The National Business Crime Centre (NBCC) defines business crime as:

“Any criminal offence where a business, or person in the course of their employment, is the victim”.

The new definition does not include public sector organisations.

How We Deal with Business Crime


We provide businesses with crime prevention advice and liaise with all Shopwatch schemes and Business Improvement Districts within Lancashire.


We record crime against businesses. This helps us to see a more detailed picture of offences, offenders, methods, trends and hotspots.


We target prolific offenders and organised crime groups. We also use restorative resolutions for low level offences.

Reassurance and communication

We engage with representatives of the business community. We help businesses that have experienced repeated incidents.

We work with retailers concerned about:

  • Violence against staff
  • Theft by customers
  • Verbal abuse against staff
  • Robbery
  • Anti-social Behaviour.

How to Report a Crime Against a Business

Nationally, over a third of businesses fail to report business crime. This makes it more difficult for police to understand the full picture and take preventative action.

Depending on the urgency, you can report crime against a business 3 ways:

Guidance for Businesses

We have created 4 leaflets offering guidance for businesses. You can download and print the PDFs to share with your staff.

A safety guide to lone working

Preventing fuel theft

A guide for retailers - preventing shoplifters

Managing violence in convenience stores

Victim Impact Statements

If you have been the victim of a crime, you can complete an Impact Statement for Businesses (ISB). The ISB gives businesses the opportunity to set out the impact the crime has had on the business such as direct financial loss, and wider impacts, for example operational disruption or reputational damage. The court will take the statement into account when determining sentence. All businesses and enterprises (including charities but excluding public sector bodies), of any size may make an ISB.

You can also make an ISB at the same time as when statements are taken. You can access the IBS form via this link.

If you need further support officers can refer you to Lancashire Victim Services.

Further Information

If you have any queries or require extra information, please contact [email protected]

Useful Links

National Business Crime Centre 

Police UK

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