Business CCTV Systems

Protecting your business with an effective CCTV system can be a deterrent to criminals and provide the police with valuable evidence should the worst happen.

  • Install a day/night capable infrared CCTV system to protect your business around the clock. 
  • Have the system installed by a professional company registered with a security body NSI (National Security Inspectorate) or SSAIB (Security Systems and Inspectorate Board).
  • A camera should be positioned to provide a clear facial image of people entering the building and a second camera should also be position to provide a clear image of vehicles entering a compound or car park that records their registration numbers and shows the driver. Cameras should not be mounted too high as this can capture images of the tops of individual’s heads.  Be aware that if cameras are located too low they are at risk of being tampered with. Cameras may benefit from anti-tamper proof caging.   
  • Have the system regularly serviced, grainy images cannot be used as evidence in court.
  • Ensure that the lighting system in your business complements the recording of CCTV images. Your CCTV installer can provide site specific guidance on the best system and complementary lighting for your business.
  • Remote access solutions provide instant reassurance so you can view your business CCTV cameras from your computer, tablet or mobile device. 
  • Display advisory signage informing that CCTV is in operation for crime prevention and detection purposes.

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