What do I do if I find an animal trapped in a snare or trap?

What to do if you find a wild mammal trapped in a snare or cage

Be mindful that it is unlawful to release some wild species, such as mink, that are trapped in a cage or snare. If you are lawfully able to release the wild mammal and it is injured please contact the nearest vet in your area. Most vets will take in wild animals to treat free of charge. A wild mammal will be very frightened and will not understand that you are trying to release it, and so you may suffer bites or severe injuries. As such it is extremely important to exercise caution when releasing a wild mammal and it should normally be carried out by a person who is experienced in dealing with traps and wild mammals.

If you find a snare or trap that you believe to be unlawfully set or if you find that a snare or trap contains a trapped live animal please contact the police by telephone on 101.

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