I have come across some traffic lights that are not working, who do I contact?

Local authorities have a responsibility for the maintenance and repair of most roads within their areas, including pavements or foot ways.

Common issues include potholes or other defects on the highway, damage or vandalism to council property, drainage or flooding, street light problems, traffic lights not working and more.

You can report a range of issues and problems online via your relevant council website:

Temporary traffic lights

Temporary traffic lights that have been put in place by contractors will usually have a contact number for the contractor on them, either on the lights, signage or the generator. If you are unable to ascertain who this is the council will be able to identify who has been given permission to put those lights in place and have contact details for them.

Police Attendance

The police will only attend to direct traffic in exceptional circumstances where there is a risk to the public or severe congestion has resulted.

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