I am currently at school, what can I do to help me become a Police Officer?

There’s no doubt that policing is a challenging career, but it’s also one of the most rewarding jobs out there.

Every day is different, but preventing crime, detecting crime, and making the people on your area feel safer will always be your main responsibilities. To be a good police officer you must be able to work as part of a team, be able to solve problems and keep calm and confident in difficult situations. Being a police officer isn’t for everyone. It is physically, mentally and emotionally demanding but it is also very rewarding. 

To be a police officer you need to be at least 18 years old and although you don't need to have any specific qualifications, you will have to take two written English tests and a Maths test. You'll also need to pass a special police selection process and complete some training.

If you are still at school you should concentrate on a good all round education that will then allow you to have a range of options when you leave school or college. During this time you might want to consider joining the Volunteer Police Cadets that will give you an insight into what the police do as well as develop your life and personal skills.

When you are older you can join the Special Constabulary, who are volunteer police officers and work alongside regular officers to deliver local policing within our communities. Being a 'Special' is equally as challenging and rewarding as being a regular officer and can give you valuable experience in policing that could assist you in your future career.

You can also volunteer with the Constabulary, Police Volunteers do a variety of tasks within the Constabulary to assist front line officers and this can also give you a real insight into what the police do. Many employers, not just the police, look favourably on the experience and skills you can get as a volunteer.

There are many police related courses and degrees that you can study for at university and your course or careers advisors you can give you some bespoke advice on what is currently available.

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