There is a march or demonstration planned in my area, can you stop it from taking place?

Lancashire Police have a responsibility to facilitate peaceful public events, demonstrations or marches.

The police cannot prevent the public from exercising their rights to free speech or assembly but they do have a responsibility to ensure that such events are conducted peacefully and with due regard to public safety.

The police can place restrictions on planned events under certain circumstances where there is a need to protect the public or prevent serious disruption from taking place.

I am organising a march or demonstration, what do I need to do?

By law you must tell the police in writing 6 days before a public march, if you are the organiser.

Tell the police the:

  • date and time of the march
  • route
  • the names and addresses of the organisers

The police have the power to:

  • limit or change the route of your march
  • set any other condition of your march

If you arrange a march at short notice, you must still tell the police as soon as you can.

The police can also:

  • change the location
  • limit how long a rally lasts
  • limit the amount of people who attend
  • stop a sit-down protest if it blocks road traffic or public walkways

If there’s no march involved

If there’s no march organised as part of your protest, you don’t have to tell the police.

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