The press are outside my house, can you remove them?

Members of the media have a duty to report on incidents and do not need a permit to film or photograph in public places.

Police have no power or moral responsibility to stop them filming or photographing incidents or police personnel. It is a matter for journalists and their editors to control what is published or broadcast, not the police. Once images are recorded we have no power to delete them or confiscate any equipment without a court order even if we think they contain damaging or useful evidence.

The press and the public

If someone distressed or bereaved asks the police to stop the media recording them, the request can be passed on to the media, but not enforced by the police.

Media on private property

To accompany the police onto private property the media must first obtain permission, which must be recorded, from the owner or controller of the property.

The police cannot give or deny permission to members of the media to enter private premises whether they are involved in police operations or not. This is a matter between the owner or controller of the premises and the media.

If the media are trespassing on private property the owner or controller of the premises may eject them and ask for police assistance in preventing a breach of the peace while they do so.

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